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Organic Green Darjeeling - First Fermentation Tea - Nutrition by Nature

Organic Green Darjeeling - First Fermentation Tea

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Green Darjeeling is the "Champagne" of green tea.  Organically grown in the mountains of Northern India with Fair Trade Certification this tea will create a beautifully light crisp tasting kombucha when combined with organic golden cane sugar in the brewing process.  

This tea provides a great foundation when brewed for kombucha as it is easily blended with other flavourings for a second fermentation.  A particular favourite of mine is second fermentation is real pineapple and mango or use NBN Summer Fruits tea blend to create the taste of the New Zealand summer. 

60gm bag of loose leaf tea which makes around 18 to 22 cups

100gm bag of loose leaf tea makes approx 38 to 42 cups of tea

For Kombucha brewing it is  2 - 3 teaspoons of loose leave tea per 1 litre of kombucha brewing.